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Firearm Dealer's License


Before you submit your application

  • 1
    Each applicant must have a Class 1 Federal Firearms License (FFL).
    • 2
      Applicants are subject to a background check that includes fingerprints.
      • 3
        Applicants must submit a valid Certificate of Occupancy issued by the New York City Department of Buildings. The Certificate of Occupancy must allow for the space to be used as a gun dealer business.
        • 4
          A Fire Department permit is required if more than 200 rounds of ammunition will be stored on the premises.
          • 5
            The applicant must be a United States Citizen.
            • 6
              List of Permit Fees. More info
              • License fee $100.00
              • Fingerprint fee for new applicants is $94.25
            • 7
              List of accepted payment methods. More info
              • American Express
              • MasterCard
              • Visa
              • Certified Check (made payable to the New York City Police Department)
              • Money Order (made payable to the New York City Police Department)
            • Ready to Apply?

              Steps to apply in person:

            • 1
              Contact the License Division using the contact information below to obtain an application for a Firearms Dealer License
              • 2
                Complete the Firearm Dealer License application and submit the original application and one copy of the completed application, to the police precinct where the business will be located.
                • 3
                  If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a license by mail
                  • 4
                    If the application is denied the applicant will be informed by mail.