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Paratransit Base License


Before you submit your application

  • 1
    Two forms of identification for each person listed in the application. One form of ID must be a government-issued photo ID.
    • 2
      The applicant must submit proof of business status. If the owners are a corporation, the applicant must produce a Certificate of Incorporation and a filing receipt. If a partnership, the applicant must produce a Partnership Certificate. If a sole proprietor, the applicant must produce a Business Certificate. To get original copies of a Certificate of Incorporation, Filing Receipt or Business Certificate contact the NYS Division of Corporations.
      • 3
        If dispatching five (5) or more vehicles, applicants must submit a Certificate of Occupancy which must be stamped by the New York City Department of Buildings no later than 2 years before the date of application or a Letter of Permissible Use from the New York City Department of Buildings stating that; The Department has no Objection to the operation of a Para -Transit Base at business location.
        • 4
          The applicant must be prepared to provide proof of Active Status with the N.Y. Department of State. This is needed to prove that The applicant's business is registered with the DOT and is not dissolved. The applicant may verify his or her status via the NYS Department of State website. Please attach a copy of the on screen print-out.
          • 5
            If four (4) or less Para-Transit vehicles, applicants must submit two (2) different forms of proving address which can include utility bills.
            • 6
              Certificate of Convenience which is issued by the New York State Department of Transportation. Please see the New York State Department of Transportation Link above for further information.
              • 7
                Affidavit must be filled out, notarized and signed by one officer representing the owner(s). The affidavit is part of the TLC application and can be found online on the TLC website. Please see TLC link above for more information.
                • 8
                  Bases are required to provide the Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance to prove workers' compensation insurance coverage or reasons for exemption from providing this coverage. See the New York State Workers Compensation Board link listed above for further information.
                  • 9
                    Please provide a schedule of rates for service for repairs, installations, and calibrations of Taxi Meters.
                    • 10
                      List of Permit Fees. More info
                      • Base License application: $1000 for two (2) years.
                      • Fingerprinting Fee: $75 per individual
                    • 11
                      List of accepted payment methods. More info
                      • Money Order (Money Orders payable to NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission )
                      • Visa
                      • MasterCard
                      • American Express
                      • Discover
                    • Ready to Apply?

                      Steps to apply in person:

                    • 1
                      All required documents listed above must be submitted, along with a completed application form, available at the link above. Applications can be submitted at either the Long Island City or Staten Island License Facilities, although visits to the Staten Island facility are by appointment, only. For a list of the Taxi and Limousine Commissions' locations, phone numbers and office hours please visit the TLC Locations listed below.
                      • 2
                        Fees must be submitted along with the application form. All fees are non-refundable.
                        • 3
                          The license application, required documents, and fees must be filed in person at a TLC Licensing center from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.