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Restricted Area Mobile Food Vending Permit

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

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    All New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Health Department) permits and licenses that have listed expiration dates after March 13, 2020 remain valid because of the COVID-19 public health emergency. All seasonal mobile food vending permits/licenses and seasonal bathing establishments/beaches with listed expiration dates on or after October 31, 2019 also remain valid. 

    We encourage you to renew your permit or license now.
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      The Health Department's easy-to-follow compliance guide can help mobile food vendors avoid violations and keep customers safe from foodborne illnesses.  Download What Mobile Food Vendors Should Know (PDF).   For other languages and Additional Operating Guidance click here.

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          Mobile food vending operators must obtain their food from a licensed commissary or other establishment licensed, permitted or regulated by a government agency.

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            Approximately 3 months before your permit or license expires you will receive a renewal notice in the mail. The notice will provide the expiration date and instructions on how to renew.
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              This permit does not satisfy the requirements of other City and State Agencies. It is the vendor's responsibility to apply for all other permits, licenses, and authorizations required. Failure to comply with all relevant regulations, including those under the jurisdiction of other Agencies, may result in the suspension of this permit until proof of compliance is provided.
              • Ready to Renew?

                Steps to renew by mail:

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                Please read the Mobile Food Vending packet before submitting your application. This specific package includes: 

                • a summary of important changes to the renewal process 
                • the revised renewal application checklist 
                • DOHMH forms and non-DOHMH Clearance Request forms which were updated with new information.

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                  At this time, the only way to renew your Mobile Food Vending License or Permit is by regular mail. 

                  The completed renewal application form*, supporting documentation (copies only), and fee (payable by check or money order only) if required, should be submitted ONLY BY REGULAR MAIL to: 

                  DOHMH ELP 
                  P.O. BOX 22137 
                  New York, NY 10087-2137 

                  *If you have not received your renewal application, you may request a copy of your application via email to or you can call 311 and request a copy. 

                  SPECIAL NOTE: If you are updating your mailing address with your license/permit renewal application at this time and you also have a MFV license/permit which will have to be renewed at another time, please make sure you write the other record number next to the record number already on the renewal notice. This is so Licensing Center staff will know to update your address for BOTH records. 

                  You can follow up on the status of your application by sending an email to Please allow 2 weeks for processing before inquiring.
                  • Steps to renew in person:

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                    You must make an appointment ahead of time.  To schedule an appointment, either email or call 212-436-0441.  A DCWP Licensing Center representative will respond to your request within two business days. 

                    A DCWP Licensing Center representative will call you within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment to conduct a health screening. You must pass this screening to enter the Licensing Center. 

                    You must wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth at all times while you are in the DCWP Licensing Center. 

                    You must arrive alone for your appointment.  Please be prompt and bring with you all needed paperwork.  If you arrive late or your application is incomplete, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. 

                    After you submit your renewal documents and payment, you must call (212) 676-1600 to schedule an appointment for your vending unit to be inspected.  

                    Please note: all permit holders must accompany their units to the inspection – they may not send anyone on their behalf.