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Tobacco Retail Store Registration

After You Apply

After you submit your application

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    The DOHMH will review your submitted application to determine if the form has been correctly completed and that all required information is provided. If the application for registration is incomplete, it will be denied, and you will be notified in writing and given the opportunity to re-submit a corrected application of registration.
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      If the application for registration is accepted, you will be notified in writing. The DOHMH may request additional supporting documentation for review, at any time, in order to verify that a registered establishment, or an establishment applying for registration, meets the criteria for registration.
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        If you have any questions or if you have not heard from the Department of Health within 14 days after applying, please call the number below.

          New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

          Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation

          Smoke Free Air Act Enforcement

          125 Worth Street, Room 1020

          New York NY 10013
          Phone (646) 632-6001