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Air Pollution Control - Title V Facility Permit

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Air Facility Registration


State Environmental Conservation, Department of

Businesses that emit pollutants into the air need permits from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Facilities that emit at high levels must get a Title V Permit.

Businesses defined as major air pollution sources by New York State Law must have a Title V Permit. Consult the DEC website for more information.

Businesses that emit less than 50% of the "major source" thresholds per year should file for the Air Facility Registration. Businesses that emit 50% or more of the "major source" thresholds, but less than the "major source" thresholds, should apply for the State Facility Permit.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Division of Air Resources

1 Hunter's Point Plaza

47-40 21st Street

Long Island City NY 11101-5407
Phone (718) 482-4997
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