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Best Management Practices to Reduce Stormwater Pollution


City Environmental Protection, Department of

Best Management Practices (BMPs) to Prevent Stormwater Pollution are part of a comprehensive pollution control plan to reduce runoff of contaminated storm water from facilities that perform automotive related services into the city sewers. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) strongly encourages business owners engaged in the automotive industry (mechanical repairs, collision and Autobody repair, dismantling and salvage, scrap processing, fast lube, retail dealers, etc) to implement BMPs at their facilities.

Linked below under Additional Information is an informational poster on how and / or where to store and / or handle materials to help automotive service facilities maintain good housekeeping practices and prevent contaminated water runoff into the city sewers. Business owners should become familiar and follow the basic rules outlined in the informational poster. Following these BMPs might reduce businesses’ chances of incurring in violations with significant financial penalties.

Additional resources

NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Division of Pollution Control Monitoring
59-17 Junction Boulevard, 2nd Floor BWT
Flushing, NY 11373

For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: BMPs to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

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