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Certificate of Approval

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

  • 1
    The Certificate of Approval number shall be plainly and permanently stamped or otherwise affixed upon each product by the manufacturer/applicant.
    • 2
      The FDNY’s conditions for approval shall be provided to all New York City buyers, users and installers.
      • 3
        All installations are subject to inspection by the FDNY which may result in additional requirements.
        • 4
          Certificate of Approvals must be renewed 3 years after issuance unless otherwise stated.
          • Ready to Renew?

            Steps to renew online:

          • 1

            Applicants may apply for renewal during the period from 60 calendar days prior to a certificate’s expiration date to not more than 1 year after such date.

            • 2

              After 1 year the applicants holding such certificates must apply for an original certificate and comply with all the original certificate requirements.

              • 3

                Manufacturers and users may apply for renewal through FIRES and selecting application type- renewal. Please see apply section for instructions and required documents.