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Fire Protection Plan

New Application Fees $420 HOW TO APPLY


City Fire Department

A fire protection plan is submitted for review and approval to the Fire Department for when required by Article 109 of General Administrative Provisions of NYC Construction Codes. It legally confirms the installation of fire protective and evacuation systems have been completed according to necessary Codes.

Submitting a fire protection plan is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or a Letter of Completion.

Currently, fire protection plans are only required to be filed with the FDNY due to Local Law 195 of 2018. The plan’s contents are outlined in Section 28-109.1 of the General Administrative Provisions of NYC Construction Codes. Fire protection plans are required for new building and alteration applications for covered buildings as set forth in section 28-109.2. The plan consists of professionally certified floor plans and a narrative describing the building and each fire protective system installed.

There are no PDF Intake forms available for the Fire Protection Plan filings at this time. All filings must be completed online.

The instructions for online filing of the Fire Protection Plans can be viewed on the Fire Department website.

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