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High Rise Residential Building (Non-Sequential Floor Numbering) BIC


City Fire Department

Section FC408.9.4 of the New York City Fire Code and Fire Department rule 3 RCNY 408-01 requires a Building Owner to electronically file a Building Information Card (BIC). The BIC must identify non-sequential (and/or other non-standard) floor numbering in buildings (or parts thereof) 150 feet or more in height that are classified in Occupancy Group R-2.

This applies to buildings with vanity floor numbering as well as those that skip a floor (no 13th floor).

There are fields on the form that are required in order to submit the electronic filing. Other fields do not need to be completed unless they apply to your filing. At this time, no fee is required for this type of plan submission.

All filings must be completed online.

There are no paper forms available for the High-Rise Residential Building Non-Sequential Floor Numbering filings.

The instructions for online filing of the High Rise Residential Building Non-Sequential Floor Numbering Filing are available on the Fire Department’s website.

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