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Information About Sprinklers


City Fire Department

All buildings that currently have sprinklers or will have a sprinkler system installed must maintain their sprinkler systems in accordance to New York City Fire Department regulations.

Property owners that have installed fire suppression systems in coordination with an alarm company must make sure that the alarm company is operating an FDNY approved central station. Additionally, all fire suppression systems must be inspected in accordance to NFPA 25/2002 National Fire Alarm Code standards for the specific system in use by a person holding a Certificate of Fitness for City Wide Sprinkler Systems (S-12). All personnel inspecting or maintaining a buildings fire suppression system must hold a Certificate of Fitness for City Wide Sprinkler Systems (S-12).

NYC Fire Department (FDNY)

Sprinkler and Standpipe Unit
9 Metro Tech Center, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11202

For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Fire Alarm and Suppression System Installation

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