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Language Translation, Interpretation, and Apostille Information


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Certified documents must meet State and Federal requirements to be valid. This rule applies to translations, notarizations, authentications, and apostilles. This page explains how to get these documents for business use in New York State.

Translation and Interpretation

A certified translation is a translated document with a statement attached. A translator signs the statement, which is notarized by a notary public. The statement confirms that the translation is accurate. Vital records will need an apostille or certificate of authentication for use abroad.

Interpreters and translators do not need licenses in New York State.

Authentication and Apostilles

Any person can have a document authenticated or given an apostille. This process makes a document ready for use in foreign countries. Authentication comes from the New York State Secretary of State. Only documents issued by New York State can get authentication or an apostille. Foreign governments may need apostilles, authentication, or both. Some countries may also need certification from the United States Department of State.

Documents from Abroad and Other States

If you need to authenticate a document issued abroad, contact the relevant country's government. Consulates and embassies in New York City often offer apostille services.

If you need to authenticate a document issued in another state, contact the relevant country's government.

NYS Department of State (DOS)

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