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Medallion Agent


Before you submit your application

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    The applicant must satisfy the requirements listed below before visiting one of the TLC facilities listed under Contact Information.
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      The applicant must be prepared to provide proof of Active Status with the N.Y. Department of State. This is needed to prove that The applicant's business is registered with the DOT and is not dissolved. The applicant may verify his or her status via the NYS Department of State website. Please attach a copy of the on screen print-out.
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        The applicant must submit a completed and notarized Affidavit, signed by an officer representing the owner(s) of the company. An officer is the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer of the organization. The Affidavit is attached to the application.
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          The applicant must submit proof of business status. If the owners are a corporation, the applicant must produce a Certificate of Incorporation and a filing receipt. If a partnership, the applicant must produce a Partnership Certificate. If a sole proprietor, the applicant must produce a Business Certificate. To get original copies of a Certificate of Incorporation, Filing Receipt or Business Certificate contact the NYS Division of Corporations.
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            The applicant must submit an Original Surety Bond of $5,000 for the benefit of the City of New York. The applicant must bring in the original with their application; a copy will not be accepted. If the application is considered for approval on or after July 1st, the bond is still required to reflect coverage for one year. The Surety Bond covers any outstanding money owed to the TLC by the base owner. To get an Original Surety Bond, contact a Bonding company.
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              The applicant must submit a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), which must have the stamp of the Dept. of Buildings (DOB ) no later than 2 years before the date of the application. If the applicant does not have a C of O, then a "Letter of Permissible Use" from the DOB showing that the DOB has no objection to the operation of the intended business or the location of the intended business must be submitted. In addition, a lease or statement by landlord to utilize the business address is required. Please make sure the document includes both start and expiration dates.
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                The applicant must show proof that their business has a space for parking. The applicant must submit a lease or contract that includes the number of spaces being leased, the start and expiration date of the lease or contract, signed by the owner of the parking location (if not owned by base). If the applicant owns the parking location, they must bring in a notarized letter proving ownership of the parking location (include number of spaces the lot holds, or a plan to use).
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                  The applicant must answer section VI of the Agent License Application and provide proof of available sufficient off-street space at or near the business location to store no more than twenty-five vehicles or the following: 50% of the taxicabs leased on a daily basis, and 5% of the taxicabs leased for longer than a day.
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                    List of Permit Fees. More info
                    • License fee of $500 - Each license expires on the 31st of December of the year it was issued. Licenses issued on or after July 1st of any year will be pro-rated to a fee of $250. If you are using a money order to pay the fee it must be made payable to: NYC TLC.
                    • Fingerprinting fee of $75 per individual required to be fingerprinted. If you are using a money order to pay the fee it must be made payable to: NYC TLC.
                    • All licenses are non-transferable and all fees are non-refundable.
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                    List of accepted payment methods. More info
                    • Money Order
                    • Visa
                    • MasterCard
                    • American Express
                    • Discover
                  • Ready to Apply?

                    Steps to apply in person:

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                    The applicant must comply with all prerequisites and process steps listed below. They can then visit one of the TLC facilities listed under Contact Information.
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                      The applicant must submit a completed application. The applicant must answer every question in sections I, II, VII & VIII. Please see the Application for a New or Renewal Agent / Broker License, Checklist for New or Renewal Application for Agent / Broker License & Instructions for Filing an Application for an Agent / Broker links above.
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                        The applicant must present two forms of identification for each person listed on the application (one valid government issued identification and a social security card).
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                          The applicant must present a valid and original social security card with application. Copies will not be accepted.
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                            All fees must be submitted along with the application form as identified below.