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NYC Clean Trucks Program


City Transportation, Department of

The NYC Clean Trucks Program is a rebate incentive funding program to reduce diesel exhaust emissions by replacing older, heavy polluting diesel trucks.

The replacement trucks can be any of the following clean truck options:

  • battery electric
  • compressed natural gas
  • diesel-electric hybrid
  • plug-in hybrid electric
  • diesel

Incentive funding between $12,000 and $185,000 is available for the replacement of older, diesel Class 4 to Class 8 trucks with engine model years 1992 to 2009. For each replacement truck funded by the NYC Clean Trucks Program, one older, eligible diesel truck must be given up and scrapped.

Please refer to the NYC Clean Truck Program Fact Sheet for which trucks are eligible.

Contact NYC DOT for more information.

NYC Department of Transportation (DOT)

55 Water Street
New York, NY 10041
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