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Professional Certification of Fire Alarm Systems

New Application Fees $210 HOW TO APPLY


City Fire Department

The Professional Certification of Fire Alarm Systems is a procedure for the certification of the fire alarm installation in lieu of an inspection by the Fire Alarm Inspection Unit.

Prior requesting the Professional Certification the fire alarm plans must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Alarm Plan Examination unit. The professional certification process may only be accepted with respect to fire alarm system devices or equipment that are not part of the building’s core fire alarm system.

The process of a Professional Certification of Fire Alarm Systems requires that a signed, personal verification by a registered design professional is submitted with an application and/or design and installation document(s). The verification will certify that such application or design and installation documents do not contain false information, and are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The filing of Professional Certification(s) shall follow procedures indicated in Technology Management Bulletin # 3-2/2010, Fire Code section FC 104.2.1 & 3RCNY §104-02.

FDNY Business Support Team

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