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Revocable Consent Petition


City Transportation, Department of

If you intend to install a structure on, under or over a City street or sidewalk, you must petition (apply) for a revocable consent.

This information guide gives an overview of the revocable consent review process. The Department of Transportation grants revocable consents only for the types of structures that are listed in Appendix A. The Department of Transportation shall not issue a revocable consent for any improvement which, in the judgement of the Department of City Planning, has land use impacts or implications, unless such revocable consent has been reviewed and approved pursuant to the Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP.) All structures must comply with the rules set forth in the Rules Related to Revocable Consents (see link below) and other applicable law.

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NYC Department of Transportation (DOT)

Division of Franchises, Concessions and Consents
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