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Small Arms Firing Range Designation

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

  • 1
    A complete list of names and address of all persons who have access to and use the range must be maintained at the range, showing date and hour each individual person used the range to discharge small arms.
    • 2
      Designees must comply with all applicable Federal laws and regulations.
      • 3
        Owners must comply with all Fire Department regulations relating to storage and possession of ammunition and powder.
        • 4
          No person will be permitted to discharge a pistol or revolver in a designated small arms range unless they possess a valid handgun license.
          • 5
            Records, books, and a roster or membership must be available to for inspection by authorized members of the Police Department during hours when the range is open.
            • 6
              Any violation of these regulations will be cause for suspension or revocation of designation.