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Special Theatrical Rifle / Shotgun Permit


Before you submit your application

  • 1
    All applicants must be citizens of the United States. A birth certificate is required for applicants born in the United States. Applicants with no birth certificate on file may show another document with proof of birth date, such as a military record, U.S. Passport or baptismal certificate. Applicants born outside of the United States must submit naturalization papers, a valid U.S. Passport or other evidence of citizenship.
    • 2
      All applicants must be over twenty-one (21) years of age.
      • 3
        All applicants must submit proof of identification (Birth Certificate or United States Passport) and proof of address (gas, electric or telephone bill).
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          All applicants must submit four (4) recent color passport-type photos.
          • 5
            All applicants must submit a Notarized Statement signed by an officer or owner of their business, authorizing the applicant to apply for a permit on behalf of the business. The statement must be printed on the business' letterhead and must state the following:

            a) How the weapons will be utilized?
            b) The type and number of weapons to be utilized.
            c) The length of time that the weapons will be utilized.
            d) That the applicant is the person responsible for the registration and security of the weapons.

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              List of Permit Fees. More info
              • Application fee: $140
              • Fingerprint fee: $94.25
            • 7
              List of accepted payment methods. More info
              • MasterCard
              • Visa
              • Discover
              • American Express
              • Other (Postal Money Order (made payable to the New York City Police Department))
            • Ready to Apply?

              Steps to apply in person:

            • 1
              Complete the application form, available at the link above. All forms must be clearly printed in blue or black ink or must be typed.
              • 2
                Submit the completed application form and the materials identified in the Prerequisite section above in person at the Rifle / Shotgun Section of the NYPD, located at the address below.
                • 3
                  All applicants must be fingerprinted at the time the application is submitted.
                  • 4
                    Permits are issued on the date the application is submitted.