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Summer, Day, Overnight, Traveling or Municipal Camps for Children

After You Apply

After you submit your application

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    Complete the rest of your application by submitting the following documents (in pdf format) via e-mail to Be sure to include the camp’s name, address, and borough in the subject line. For example “STEM Kids Camp, 125 Worth Street, Manhattan".

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      Attach the following documents/forms:

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        Aquatics Staff Qualifications (required for camps that will provide swimming, boating and/or aquatic theme park services)
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          New camp directors are required to attend a Camp Director's Orientation provided by the Department. The session is about 2 hours long and there is no fee to register. 

          Note:  You can apply for the camp permit even if the camp director has not yet attended the orientation. 

          If your camp offers aquatics activities, new aquatics directors must attend an Aquatics Director's Orientation session.  The session is about an hour long and there is no fee to register. 

          Everyone must register themselves, using their own e-mail address.  To register for either orientation, visit

          - Select "Group Child Care and Summer Camp Orientation Sessions" and click continue at the bottom of the screen.
          - Complete all the step and be sure to enter your information carefully and correctly.
          - You will receive an automated e-mail confirmation after successfully registering.
          - The orientation is offered in a webinar format and you will receive an invitation the day before the webinar.
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            Camps preparing food on site or serving food to children that is delivered/catered in bulk quantities from an approved food service establishment must have a supervising manager on duty who has been issued a Food Protection Certificate issued by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  The course can be taken online for free, where you can study at your own pace.  The course can also be taken in a virtual classroom setting for a fee.

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              If your camp will receive food from the Department of Education or the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), or if ready-to-eat meals are catered and served in individual packaging, your workers are required to take the Food Protection: (4-Hour) for Soup Kitchen and Summer Camp Workers Course.

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                Please note you may receive automated "Deficiency List" e-mail(s) alerting you about the status of your application.  For more detailed and specific information about your application status, you must reach out to a borough office representative.