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Working (Rental) Horse License

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

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    An original, signed Horse Health Certificate must be submitted annually for the horse license to be renewed. Owners will not be able to renew the horse's license if the original certificate is not received by the DOHMH Office of Veterinary Public Health Services. The original certificate must be hand delivered or mailed before the license will be renewed.

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      Renewals may be submitted online via the NYC Online Licensing system. Registration is required. You will not be permitted to renew a permit if you have outstanding fines. You can pay fines online before renewing.

      To renew online for the first time, you will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN) found on your Renewal Notice for each permit or license you hold. The PIN will allow you to link your existing records to one single online account. You only need to use your PIN to link to each permit or license record once.

      If you do not have access to your Renewal Notice, you may obtain your PIN(s) by completing an online PIN Request Form or by calling 311.
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        Applying for a DOHMH Horse License does not satisfy regulatory requirements of other City and State Agencies. It is the business owner's responsibility to apply for all other permits, licenses, and authorizations required. Failure to comply with all relevant regulations, including those under the jurisdiction of other Agencies, may result in suspension of DOHMH permits until proof of compliance is provided. To view relevant Rules of the City of New York click on the link below.