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NITE School

Nightlife Industry Training and Education

NITE School or Nightlife Industry Training and Education is a series of curated classes for the nightlife industry and community presented by the NYC Office of Nightlife at the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS).

Courses cover a broad range of topics from business development, best practices, sustainability solutions, and fire safety to forums and discussions on cultural affairs, cannabis, zoning, mental health and wellbeing, disability awareness etiquette, party safety tips, and more. Participants can also access various informative presentations or trainings hosted in collaboration with other city agencies and partner organizations specializing in topics such as overdose prevention, bystander intervention, and active shooter prevention.

Tailored for small business owners, workers, entertainment professionals, and patrons of nightlife venues, these sessions offer valuable insights and skills, empowering individuals to help create safer spaces and build a more informed nightlife community.