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Narcan Behind Every Bar

Free Training and Life-Saving Resources for Nightlife Businesses

The Narcan® Behind Every Bar campaign helps bring life-saving opioid overdose prevention training, tools and resources to the nightlife and hospitality community as part of NYC’s harm reduction approach to substance use. This initiative is managed by the NYC Office of Nightlife (ONL) at the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) in partnership with the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

In 2020, 1,580 New Yorkers died from a fentanyl-involved overdose. The presence of fentanyl in the NYC drug supply has dramatically increased and is now the most common drug involved in accidental overdose deaths. Anyone who uses drugs that contain fentanyl, even occasionally, may be at risk of overdose. It has been found in different drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, ketamine, and pills.

While the overwhelming majority of overdoses take place in private homes, nightlife venues can be partners in helping to combat the opioid epidemic by being prepared to respond in case an incident should occur.

Overdose deaths are preventable, and, with naloxone (Narcan®), you can save a life.

Trainings and Information

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Get Free Naloxone Training and Overdose Rescue Kits

NYC Health overdose rescue kit with Naloxone

Register for an upcoming training course to learn about overdose prevention, how to access free naloxone kits, other harm reduction resources, and how to administer naloxone (Narcan®) – a safe medication that can help save someone’s life by reversing the effects of an opioid overdose.  

The Narcan® Behind Every Bar campaign urges all nightlife stakeholders, including business owners, employees, performers, promoters, DJs, bartenders, and security guards to participate in the training, however anyone can become a certified overdose responder.

Online Training

In-Person Staff Training

DOHMH offers in-person overdose prevention and naloxone training. A minimum of 15 on-site registered participants is needed, and scheduling is subject to availability. Language interpretation and sign language services are available upon request.

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