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Sidewalk Usage Guide

What section of the sidewalk is my responsibility?

Property owners are responsible for fixing any defects on the sidewalk within, and around, their property lines. For more information on sidewalk maintenance and repairs, visit

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What is revocable consent?

Revocable consent is an agreement between the City and a property owner to install and maintain a structure on, under, or over a public street or sidewalk. If you'd like to place a structure on the sidewalk, be mindful of the property lines around your business to know if the structure extends into a public sidewalk and requires revocable consent.

When do you need revocable consent?

Property owners or tenants who want to install a structure beyond commercial property lines on, over, or under public streets and sidewalks must apply for revocable consent. Only items that are generally allowed by the City on public sidewalks and do not block a path for pedestrians are eligible. Approved items include benches, large planters, bicycle racks, enclosures for trash receptacles, cellar doors, and ramps. A full list of approved items can be found on the NY Department of Transportation (DOT)'s website. Businesses that have a stoop line stand license, do not need revocable consent from the City to operate.

What is the application process for revocable consent?

DOT processes revocable consent applications. If you don't own the space your business occupies, you can still apply for revocable consent. To apply, you will need your landlord's consent, as well as copies of the deed and lease. The application approval process takes approximately four to six months.

If approved, you will be required to pay an annual fee and insure the structure for the duration of the revocable consent agreement, which is approximately 10 years. The City reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time.

If you operate a sidewalk café, you can receive revocable consent as part of the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection's (DCWP) sidewalk café license approval process. You do not need to apply to DOT separately for sidewalk café revocable consent.

For more details about the revocable consent application, visit

NYC Resource: Revocable Consent Application (PDF)

NYC DOT Street Seats Program

Storefront business owners and operators may be eligible to participate in the Street Seats program. This program allows businesses to temporarily create public outdoors seating during warm-weather months at locations where sidewalk seating is not available. Business owners interested in applying to the Street Seats program can click here to find eligibility information and materials.