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Engineering Application and Amendment

New Application Fees $420 HOW TO APPLY


City Fire Department

Engineering Applications/ Amendments are applications seeking the installation of new technology, existing technology, alteration to existing approved technology, storage/manufacturing/ selling of combustible materials, and/or seeking permits defined by FC 105.1.

The engineering application/amendment covers different plan types, which are detailed in FC 105.4. Please note that if a request has been made from a city agency (Department of Buildings CCD1, formal request, or other) that request a determination from the Fire Department on matters that are not specifically addressed in the NYC Fire Code, a TM-1 application shall be submitted under the Engineering plan type, with Subcategory: Document review. These applications will receive a Letter of No Objection with conditions upon satisfactory review.

For additional information, review the Office of Technology Management Bulletin # 2021-01.

  • All site drawings, floor drawings, building drawings, sprinkler drawings, engineering drawings, and any form of analysis submitted must be signed and sealed by a licensed professional.
  • Narrative for the scope of work must be signed and dated on official letterhead.
  • Clear and concise calculations, for a specific plan type, if necessary.
  • Manufacturer specifications and manual for proposed technology.
  • Test reports from a nationally recognized and accredited laboratory.
  • Simulations must be done using nationally recognized Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program
  • Safety Data Sheet from the chemical manufacturer, distributor, or importer.

Stationary storage systems may also require:

  • Narrative detailing the battery chemistry, size of the system being proposed, manufacturer of the battery and the cabinet housing the battery.
  • 9540A Test result from a nationally recognized and accredited laboratory + analysis. If applicable based on 3RCNY 608-01.

FDNY Business Support Team

Questions about the New York City Fire Code, call 311 and ask for the FDNY Customer Service Center or send an email to

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