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Information About Hiring a Private Carter


City Business Integrity Commission

Every commercial establishment in New York City that will not haul its own waste is required by law to have its waste removed by a private carter licensed by the Business Integrity Commission (BIC). There are over 200 active carters licensed by BIC that can legally collect waste from commercial establishments in New York City.

BIC establishes the maximum rates that private carters can charge for waste removal service. Carters are only permitted to charge for the amount of waste material removed and cannot charge for other items such as container rentals, extra pulls, gasoline surcharge, or other charges (carters may only charge a separate fee for compactors and roll-off containers). Maximum rates established by BIC are available at the Rates link below. BIC does not set maximum rates for medical waste and construction and demolition debris. It is the carter?s responsibility to provide a written statement, invoice, or bill to the customer at least once a month. The written statement, invoice, or bill must itemize the list of charges, as well as disclose the maximum rates in effect and the negotiated rate.

Customers must choose to have their trash measured by weight or by volume. Additionally, customers much choose to be charged a flat fee for all waste removed or an actual fee charge that varies depending on the size and / or weight of the waste being removed. Customers have the right to request a waste stream survey from their contracted private carter to determine the average amount and types of waste they generate to help them decide what fee method is best for them.

Before deciding on a carter, BIC strongly recommends that businesses obtain price quotes from several companies. BIC maintains a list of licensed carters available at the Approved Carters link below. Businesses can use this list to locate and contact private carters. Private carters not on this list are not legally authorized to provide waste hauling services. BIC periodically updates this list with newly approved carters. Businesses should always contact the BIC, using the contact information below, for the most up to date information regarding registered carters.

Businesses are free to choose any licensed carter to haul their waste. All commercial establishments using a private carter must prominently display a BIC decal- provided by the carter free of charge- identifying the private carter contracted to haul waste from that business. Unless specifically permitted by BIC, a private carter cannot refuse service to a business located within a 10-block area of a business they currently served.

NYC Business Integrity Commission (BIC)

Licensing Center

100 Church Street, 20th Floor

New York NY 10007
Phone (212) 437-0555
Fax (646)-500-7096

For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Private Carter Information

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