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Locally Based Enterprise (LBE) Certification Program

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

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    LBE certification is valid for up to three years from the date on the confirmation letter.

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    In order to maintain your business' LBE status during the certification period, you are required to submit an affirmation form each year to confirm that there have been no material change in ownership, operation, or control of the business. The affirmation form will be mailed out every year prior to the anniversary date of the business' certification. Annual affirmations can also be submitted via SBS Connect.

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    Requests to change your authorized representative should be emailed to the SBS Certification Unit at Please provide your business contact details, and use the subject line: "Change to Authorized Representative".

  • Ready to Renew?

    Steps to renew online:

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    Use SBS Connect to renew a certification online. You will need to submit an abbreviated version of the certification application.

  • SBS Connect The online application will open in a new window.
    Renew Onlineopen_in_new
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    If you have any questions regarding renewal, please email the SBS Certification Unit at Please include your full name, contact details and certification status along with your inquiry.