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Mobile Food Vending Unit Permit (Full-Term)

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City Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of

Mobile Food Vendor (MFV) permits are required to prepare and serve food to the public from a food cart or food truck.

The number of MFV permits which may be issued for use on public space is limited by law. There are waiting lists established for the several categories of permits that are issued. Those interested in obtaining a permit may apply for one only when contacted by DOHMH from the waiting list established for this purpose. Creation of new lists is dependent upon the turnover rate of the existing lists.

Currently, all new applicants for a full-term permit must have already have a Supervisory License and be called from an existing waiting list to apply for that license. Once you have a supervisory license, you will be able to apply for a mobile food vending full-term permit to operate either citywide, or operate in the non-Manhattan boroughs. Only individuals may be issued a supervisory license, not a corporation or partnership. This permit does not authorize food vending at a street fair or special event -- to do that, you must obtain a Temporary Food Establishment permit.

Full-term MFV permits require renewal. A renewal application packet will be mailed to each permit holder at the last known address of record, 90 days before the permit expires. 

These permits do not require a supervisory license:
  1. Restricted Area permits: allow licensed vendors to vend only on private property with permission from the property owner. You only need a regular mobile food vending license. There is no waitlist for this permit and you may apply for a permit at any time
  2. Green Cart permits: allow licensed vendors to sell fruits, vegetables and water. You only need a regular mobile food vending license. There is a waitlist for this permit and you can only apply for a permit when you are contacted by the NYC Health Department when your number is reached and you may apply for a permit.

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