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Operating a Commercial Stable

After You Apply

After you submit your application

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    If you applied online, you will receive a receipt via e-mail. If you applied in person, DCWP will give you a receipt.
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      The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will process the application and will contact the applicant for any additional information or documentation required to process the application.
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        If required documents were not uploaded, the applicant will receive a letter requesting that they submit the missing documents to the Citywide Licensing Center in person or by mail within 10 days or withdraw their application. If the applicant fails to respond to that letter, they will be sent a second letter. If the applicant fails to respond to the second letter, their application will be terminated. Applicants whose applications are terminated or withdrawn may request a refund by calling 311. Refunds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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          An inspection of your facility should be scheduled within 15 business days. If, after 15 days, your establishment has not been inspected, please contact the DOHMH Bureau of Veterinary Public Health Services at (646) 632-6604. Your business will not be issued a permit without passing a pre-permit inspection.
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            If you pass the pre-permit inspection, you may begin to operate. You must post the inspection report you receive from the DOHMH inspector for public view. You will receive your actual Permit in the mail.