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Registration for Funeral Directors in NYC


Before you submit your application

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    A funeral director must obtain a registration card issued by New York State Bureau of Funeral Directing. For more information, see the Bureau of Funeral Directing link, above.
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      There are no applicable fees.
      • Ready to Apply?

        Steps to apply in person:

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        Complete a Funeral Director Registration Card, available at DOHMH's Burial Desks (VR form 49). These cards must be submitted in person by the Funeral Director wishing to register to operate in New York City at one of the two DOHMH Burial Desks.
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          Present a valid government issued photo ID of the director wishing to register with the DOHMH's Office of Vital Records (e.g., driver's license, passport). If the applicant is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC), the photo identification must be that of a corporate officer, partner, director or member.
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            Present a valid Funeral Director's Registration Card issued by the New York State Bureau of Funeral Directing.
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              The applicant must present a letter on his / her employer's business stationery signed by the firm's manager (licensed funeral director), stating that the funeral director is employed in their firm, the Funeral Director's license and registration number, and the firm's license number. If the Funeral Director works for more than one firm, then a letter from each firm must be submitted to DOHMH.