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Sidewalk and Roadways Construction Permits (general)


City Transportation, Department of

NOTE: THIS PERMIT IS TYPICALLY HANDLED BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL, SUCH AS A CONTRACTOR OR ENGINEER. Property owners are required to maintain, or in the case of new construction, provide sidewalks for use by the public. Building owners must also receive permits to build any structure over the sidewalk including a canopy, any sidewalk furniture, or to repair the sidewalk. Use of sidewalks for storage of equipment or supplies, or blocking pedestrian access to any part of a sidewalk during construction projects also requires permitting and other provisions to be made to ensure public safety.

NYC Department of Transportation (DOT)

Bureau of Permit Management and Construction Control
55 Water Street, Concourse level
New York, NY 10041

For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: NYC DOT

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