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Stoop Line Stand License


Before you submit your application

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    You must have the applicable Business Certificate based on your business’s legal structure. More info

      Although DCWP does not require submission of your Business Certificate in order to process your application, DCWP may request this document under section 20-104 of the New York City Administrative Code.

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    Complete the Basic License Application. More info


      The Basic License Application requires business information, including applicable identification numbers (such as EIN, SSN, or ITIN); contact information for the business location and business owner, history of criminal and / or civil charges for the business owners, partners, shareholders, and officers; and any DCWP license history for individuals named on the application and their relatives.
      If your stoop line stands all have the same category of items for sale, you need to submit only ONE license application, regardless of their width.

      If your stoop line stands vary in the items for sale, you must submit a separate license application for EACH differing set of stands. For example, you plan to sell fruits from two stands and confectionery from another stand. You must submit TWO license applications: #1 (for fruits); #2 (for confectionery). Complete one application for set #1. Complete a separate application for set #2.

      Note: If two (2) stoop line stands are separated by a door or other structure, they will be considered two (2) separate stands for licensing purposes.

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    Submit one of the following as proof of right to use premises:
    -A copy of the deed or bill of sale OR
    -A completed Owner's Consent to Operate a Stoop Line Stand form.

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      If the license application will be filed by someone other than the applicant, complete the Granting Authority to Act Affirmation.

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        List of Fees. More info

          • License Fees are pro-rated depending on the time the application is filed and the stoop line stand product category. See License Fee Table.
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        List of accepted payment methods. More info

          • Check (Payable to NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, accepted only for in person application submissions.)
          • Money Order (Payable to NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, accepted only for in person application submissions.)
          • Credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.
      • Ready to Apply?

        Steps to apply online:

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        Review the requirements for the license and gather all materials before clicking the Apply Online button. Note: You will be redirected to a new web page where you will need a registered account with the City of New York to submit an online application.

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          After submitting an application online, print a copy of the Confirmation Page. The Confirmation Page will list the additional steps and materials required to complete the application. These materials are also listed above and must be submitted within five business days of filing the application online if they were not uploaded as part of the online application submission.

          • Steps to apply in person:

          • 1

            Complete the required application forms and gather all necessary documentation identified in the section above.

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              Schedule an appointment to file in person at the DCWP Licensing Center or NYC Small Business Support Center. View flyer to learn how to schedule an appointment.