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Trade Adjustment Assistance Grant Program


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The Trade Adjustment Assistance Grant is a federal incentive for manufacturers or service firms that have been impacted by foreign competition.

Businesses must prove that sales and employment have decreased by at least 5%, and that they have been directly impacted by imports. Businesses must be based in New York, New Jersey, or Puerto Rico.

The application has three steps:
  • An eligibility certification based on information from the applicant;
  • The development of an adjustment proposal; and
  • The implementation of an adjustment project.
Proposals are either funded 75% by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, up to $30,000, or 50%, up to $150,000.

Projects may improve a business’ management, marketing, technology, workflow, or process.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

120 Hawley Street

Binghamton NY 13901
Phone (607) 777-2040
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