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Quick Guides FAQ

What applications do I need to complete to start a business in New York City?

The Step by Step Tool helps determine whether you need to apply for particular permits, licenses, certificates, or registrations to operate a business in New York City. You can save the results from the Step by Step Tool by creating an account on NYC Business.

Please be aware that the Step by Step Tool may not provide complete information. To verify your results, we recommend that you schedule a free, in-person consultation with a NYC Business Solutions Account Manager who can review the results and refer you to qualified resources for incentives, financing and/or legal advice.

Where do I go to file my applications online?

You can apply online for licenses, permits, and/or certifications using the License Lookup tool and index. Search for the form that you need by name, click on the heading to expand the card, and select either the "learn more," or the buttons to apply or renew. Please be sure to print and save a copy of the application for your personal records.

Does my business qualify for any tax or business incentives?

The Incentives Estimator is an online questionnaire that shows you whether your business qualifies for money-saving city, state, and federal incentives.

Can I schedule an in-person consultation to get more information?

Yes. You can schedule a free consultation with an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager to learn more about starting and operating a business in New York City.

In addition, the NYC Business Solutions Center offers free services, including:
  • Pro-bono legal consultations
  • Finance, loan, and lender assistance
  • Employment and training resources
  • Business planning, marketing, and bookkeeping classes
  • Help with navigating governmental rules and programs, including how to pursue federal, state, and city certifications and what to do to qualify for tax and business incentives