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Inspections and Testing


City Fire Department

The FDNY conducts inspections and testing that examine buildings, structures, facilities, vehicles and other locations in New York City.

The purpose of an inspection or test is to ensure that code, laws, rules or regulations are being enforced to keep the public safe and that suppression systems is installed or maintained in proper working order.

Some types of inspections can be requested to be scheduled ahead of time on FDNY Business, e.g. permits, initial/periodic tests requiring an FDNY witness and re-inspections of open violations. Other inspections may be conducted without notification to the building or business owner.

The owner is responsible for the safe maintenance of the premises including the building and all internal and external structures. The owner must ensure compliance with the Fire Code. Repairs are the responsibility of the owner.

FDNY Business Support Team

Questions about the New York City Fire Code, call 311 and ask for the FDNY Customer Service Center or send an email to

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