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Operating a Commercial Stable

New Application Fees $17.50 - $35.00 HOW TO APPLY
Renewal Fees $35.00 OPERATING & RENEWING
Renewal Cycle Annually OPERATING & RENEWING


City Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of

Any place or premises where horses are harbored or housed for a fee is required to obtain a permit from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). This permit is required in addition to any other requirements for a facility where horses are being harbored for a fee. The horses being harbored can be either privately owned or horses for rent which are hired for riding lessons or for use with horse drawn carriages.<br/><br/>

This permit requires annual renewal. A renewal application form will be mailed to each permitted facility that does not have outstanding summonses or overdue payments. The renewal form should be completed and returned with the appropriate permit fee (if applicable). An inspection is required for the initial application, but there is no inspection requirement for renewal. Once licensed, subsequent inspections of the premises will be conducted in the course of normal operation. 

The information on this page is designed to explain the application, regulatory compliance, and inspection requirements for operating any place or premises where horses are harbored or housed for a fee in New York City. This information encompasses only health-related aspects of the regulatory requirements of this type of establishment. Please read the documents at the links below to properly understand the various provisions of DOHMH regulations.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DoHMH)

Office of Veterinary Public Health Services

22 Cortlandt Street, 34th Floor

New York NY 10007
Phone (646) 364-1783
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