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Performing Work on a Landmarked Property


City Landmark Preservation Commission

Owners of a New York City landmark or a building located within a designated New York City historic district must receive a permit from the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) before performing any type of work. Owners of these properties also need a permit from LPC for any work that requires a permit from the Department of Buildings (DOB).

LPC issues three types of permits: Certificates of No Effect, Permits for Minor Work and Certificates of Appropriateness. The type of permit issued depends upon the proposed work and will be determined after you submit a complete application.

A Certificate of No Effect (CNE) is required when proposed work requires a DOB permit but does not affect the protected architectural features of a building. Examples include interior renovations, installation of plumbing and heating equipment, and other changes that do not adversely affect significant features of the building. LPC reviews such proposed work to ensure that it will not affect protected features or detract from the special character of a historic district.

A Permit for Minor Work (PMW) is issued when the proposed work will affect significant protected architectural features but does not require a DOB permit. Examples include window or door replacement, masonry cleaning or repair, and restoration of architectural details. When evaluating an application, LPC reviews the proposed changes to determine whether they are appropriate to the building and/or district.

A Certificate of Appropriateness (CofA) is issued when the proposed work will affect significant protected architectural features and does not meet the guidelines for a staff level approval, see Rules of the Landmarks Preservation Commission link, below. Examples include rooftop or rear yard additions, demolitions, construction and removal of architectural features such as stoops and cornices. This type of permit requires a public hearing at the local community board and LPC offices.

NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)

1 Centre Street, 9th Floor

New York NY 10007

For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: Landmarks Preservation Commission Public Information Officer

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