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Sale of Small Animals (Pet Shops)

After You Apply

After you submit your application

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    If you submitted your application online, you will receive a receipt via e-mail. If you submitted it in person, DCWP will hand you a receipt. Your business may not begin to operate until it has received and passed a pre-permit inspection from the Department and the supervising manager has received the Animal Care & Handling Certificate.

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      After you have submitted your application, you must contact the DOHMH Bureau of Veterinary Public Health Services at (646) 364-1783 to schedule an inspection. Your business will not be issued a permit without first passing a pre-permit inspection.

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        Once you pass the pre-permit inspection and the supervising manager has obtained an Animal Care & Handling Certificate, you may begin operating.

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          You must post both the inspection report you receive from the DOHMH inspector and the Animal Care & Handling Certificate for public view.  You will receive your actual permit in the mail.