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Sale of Small Animals (Pet Shops)

Operating & Renewing

Operating Requirements

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    All Class P pet shop permits expire on December 31st of each year.  All Class D pet shop permits expire two years from the date the original application was submitted. Permit holders will receive a renewal notice in the mail three months before the expiration date.

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      Read the NYC Health Code to learn about the requirements for operating a pet shop in New York City. Click on the link below and select Article 161.

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        If your pet shop sells dogs or cats, NYC law requires that specific information about each sale be kept on file for 5 years (microchip information must be kept for 10 years). The law also requires certain information be provided to the purchaser at the time of sale. The forms provided in Steps 4-6 below may be used to satisfy the recordkeeping and purchaser information requirements.  The checklist below is being provided to assist in recordkeeping.

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          Applies only to pet shops that sell dogs or cats.

          USDA Available Forms

          •  Form 7001: US Certificate of Health for Small Animals
          •  Form 7006: Record of Disposition of Dogs and Cats

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            Applies only to pet shops that sell dogs or cats. 

            NYS State Available Forms (may be printed from the Pet Dealers Guidelines document)

            • 204-D-AGMKT-Form A (Veterinary Health Certificate)
            • 205-D-AGMKT-Form C (Receipt)
            • 206-D-AGMKT-Form E (Information Statement)
            • 207-D-AGMKT-Form H (Pedigree (if animal capable of being registered))
            • 208-D-AGMKT-Form I (Consumer Rights/NYS Article 35-D)

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              Applies only to pet shops that sell dogs and/or cats (See #3 above)</p>

              NYC Available Forms

              Source Affidavit for Breeders
              Purchaser Statement

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                Effective April 1, 2016, pet shops in New York City may no longer sell rabbits.

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                  The establishment's permit and the supervising manager's Animal Care and Handling Certificate must be posted for public view.

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                    For help with technical problems when using the online licensing/permitting system, call 311 and ask for Health Permits Online.

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                      Read about your rights as a New York City business owner.

                      • Ready to Renew?

                        Steps to renew online:

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                        Renewals may be submitted online via the NYC Online Licensing system. Registration is required. You will not be permitted to renew a permit if you have outstanding fines. You can pay fines online before renewing.

                        To renew online for the first time, you will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN) found on your Renewal Notice.  You can also link multiple records to one single online account by using the PIN number found on each individual renewal application.

                        If you do not have access to your Renewal Notice, you may obtain your PIN(s) by completing an online PIN Request Form or by calling 311.
                        • Ready to Renew? (PIN required)
                          Renew Online open_in_new

                          Steps to renew by mail:

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                          Follow the instructions on your renewal notice to renew by mail.

                          • Steps to renew in person:

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                            You may renew your permit in person at the DCWP Citywide Licensing Center. If you send someone to renew for you, they must present an Authority to Act on your behalf. 

                              NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)

                              Licensing Center

                              42 Broadway, Lobby

                              New York NY 10004